Boom Specifications
Vertical reach 40.1 M
Horizontal reach 36.3 M
Reach from front of truck 33.2M
Unfolding height 8 M
Section articulation 92°/186°/230°/180°/245°
Rotation 370°
Delivery line 125 mm
Proportional boom Yes
End hose length 3.5 M
Outrigger spread-front 6.1 M
Outrigger spread-rear 9.1 M
Max.outrigger weight 25,000 kg
Pump specifications
Maximum output 150 m³/h
Concrete cylinder Ø230×2100
Stroke per minute 30
Concrete pressure 69 bar
Hopper capacity 0.6 m³
S-tube Ø200×Ø180
Hydraulic pump Rexroth A11VLO260
Cycling system Hydraulic with manual overrides
Max. aggregate size 40 mm
Working diagram
◎ Truck specifications : BENZ Arocs 2640 ( 394PS, EURO6 )
* All specifications are Maximum theoretical values Photos and drawings are for illustrative purpose only.
Dimension will vary with different truck makers, models and specifications.
Right to make technical amendments reserved.