About us

It's time! Finally, there is KCP in Europe! We are proud to announce that our branch office in Austria (near Vienna) has opened. Those who already know and appreciate the quality of KCP can now count on even faster service and more concrete advice across Europe.

Our claim is to be „simply the best“, following the principle of simplicity. KCP has the courage to break away from the usual forms, to create new designs and to set new trends. The main focus is always on two aspects: First, it is the companies, our customers, whom we want to save time and money on; second, their employees, whose feedback also helps us to make the most effective and easy-to-use concrete pumps.

Key design features of KCP include: Reducing the number of bends in our boom system, which means less restriction on concrete flow. If you have fewer restrictions, your hydraulic system can work more comfortably and the likelihood of a plug during a casting is significantly reduced. We also minimize the use of electrical systems and eliminate the use of computer-controlled controls. This saves you time and money in troubleshooting. Our pumps are so simple that we can guarantee that up to 90% of the problems on the construction site can be solved.

These are just a few reasons why KCP has been voted number 1 of all pump manufacturers in Korea for 7 consecutive years since 2010! KCP GmbH in Europe is now open for you and is your one stop shop for all your concrete pump requirements; whether it is spare parts, pumps or service, we are happy to help and are always on hand.